About the committee

  • Filip Drozd
    Filip Drozd
  • Christian Moltu
    Christian Moltu
  • Tine Nordgreen
    Tine Nordgreen
  • Michael Riegler
    Michael Riegler

The NORSRII organizing committee consists of four members Filip Drozd, researcher and PhD, Regional Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Eastern and Southern Norway Christian Moltu, Fagsjef, PhD and Professor II, Helse Førde and Western Norway University of Applied Sciences. Check out NORSEFEEDBACK for more information about Christians work. Tine Nordgreen, clinical psychologist and PhD, associate professor at University of Bergen and Project manager of INTROMAT at Helse Bergen HF. Michael Riegler, Senior Research scientist at Simula in the Machine Intelligence Department, and researcher at the INTROMAT partner University of Oslo.