About the committee

The committee consists of three researchers:

Filip Drozd

Filip is a researcher with the Regional centre for child and youth mental health, region east and south (RBUP Øst og Sør). He works with evaluating and implementing different measures directed at pregnant women and families with infants and children in communal health services. His competency encompasses, amongst other things, e-mental health, developing measures and actions, measure- and evaluation research, randomised trials and implementing measures and ations in the services.

Filip has

  • Contributed to the development of more than 10 different internet based actions in mental health care.
  • Completed several randomized controlled trials within the field of e-mental health
  • Works with topics like post natal depression and sleep dificulties in infants and adolecents within e-mental health
  • Has experience with qualitative studies, knowledge summaries and implementation of measures in the services.

Frode Guribye

Frode is a professor at the department of Information Science and Media Studies at the University of Bergen as well as an advisor at Helse Bergen HF. Frode does research on human-computer-interaction and interaction design.

Frode has experience from design and evaluation of internet-interventions and user-participation in development of internet-treatment. He has also done research on design and tangible interaction.

Tine Nordgreen

Tine is a clinical psychologist an researcher at Helse Bergen HF as well as the University in Bergen. She has conducted research on non-guided as well as guided internett treatment for different somatic and mental health problems.

Tine has

  • Developed and researched the effect of guided internet treatment
  • Developed and evaluated the effect of guided internet treatment in a regular clinic setting (eMeistring)
  • Led a cross disciplinary research project (INTROMAT.no) since 2016.

Organizing committee:

May Frida Bosch

Anne Mette Søviknes